Steve Davis Profile

Full name: Steve Davis
Birth date: 27th August 1957
Born in: Plumstead, London, UK

Nickname: THE NUGGET

Known for: Dominating the 80’s, Snookers first Millionaire, One of the all-time great players.

Steve Davis is one of the true Snooker Legends. Having played as a professional for over 30 years, he’s still actively playing in tournaments today, as well as commentating on them for the BBC at certain times. He’s been World Champion 6 times and has been ranked number 1 in the world for 7 years. He completely dominated the 1980’s snooker scene and comtinued to win events and tournaments in the 90’s. Recently, Davis has not been in great form and occasional has to qualify for some of the tournaments. His incredible career is still going on and on a good day he can still beat the best of them. Away from the table Steve is also an avid poker player, spending many hours playing online. He’s competed in some major televised events and even reached the final table of Pokermillion in 2002.

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Davis was introduced to snooker by his father Bill, a keen player, who took him to play at his local working men’s club at the age of 12, and gave him Joe Davis’s instructional book How I Play Snooker. They studied the book and built Steve Davis’s own technique on it in the 1970s. He started playing at the Lucania Snooker Club in Romford, where at the age of 18 the manager of the club brought his talent to the attention of Barry Hearn, chairman of the Lucania chain of snooker halls. Hearn became Davis’s friend and manager. Paid £25 a match by Hearn, Davis toured the country, taking part in challenge matches against established professionals such as Ray Reardon, John Spencer and Alex Higgins. Around this time he was given the nickname ‘Nugget’ because, according to Hearn, ‘you could put your case of money on him and you knew you were going to get paid.’

Davis turned professional on 17 September 1978 and made his professional television debut on Pot Black, where he played against Fred Davis. He made his World Championship debut in 1979, losing 11-13 to Dennis Taylor in the first round. Davis came to public prominence after his performance at the 1980 World Championship, where he reached the quarter-finals, defeating defending champion Terry Griffiths en route, before losing to Alex Higgins. However, he won the World Championship the following year, and he would go on to reach seven out of the next eight world finals.

From 1994 to 2007, Davis played in professional nine-ball pool events regularly. He was instrumental in the creation of the Mosconi Cup, and has represented Europe in the tournament on eleven occasions, and was a member of the team’s 1995 and 2002 wins; his victory against the US’s Earl Strickland clinched the 2002 competition for Europe.

Davis has become known for his coolness and impeccable conduct in high-pressure situations, earning himself the nicknames ‘Ginger Magician’ and ‘Nugget’. His initial lack of emotional expression and somewhat monotonous interviewing style earned him a reputation as boring. As a result, the satirical television series Spitting Image gave him the ironic nickname ‘Interesting’. Davis himself now plays upon this image and says it helped him gain acceptance from the public.

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